Paul Daniels - singer/songwriter/guitar

A diverse taste in music from all genres gives the spark to writing for Canis.  It goes way back to coming home with a copy of the Sgt. Peppers album at 7 years old and playing it over and over again, much to my parents surprise.


After many years in and out of bands, session work and writing projects shelved, a concious decision was made which was basically 'its now or never': so the nucleus of the working band from many years ago started to piece together this catalogue of music.


So we begin .... again.

Pete Harriman - bass/backing vocals

Pete first met Paul when they were about 13.  They spent their time together discussing their respective favourite bands (Paul could never quite match Petes superior musical taste!), and trying to outdo each other with ever more obscure album titles during interminable games of Hangman at the back of the classroom.


Pete has spent 25 years gigging with well respected cover bands but was always waiting in the wings for the call to get back to playing the original songs of Canis.


Mark Armstrong

Mark is a producer and experiments primarily with sound.


He has a wide and varied taste in music and brings great diversity when he works with the band.  He is an accomplished sound landscape artist in his own right.


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